How To Know You Chose A Good Daycare

One of the hardest things for a parent to do is go back to work and send their kids to daycare. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable in many situations. However, daycare programs through a place like Toddle Towne Learning Centers can be a lot of fun and great for your child's social development, it is just a matter of finding the right one. Here are some signs that you have chosen a good daycare.

The Teachers Are Engaged When You Show Up

Typically when you are looking for a daycare, you will visit the facility to see how everything works. You will speak to the director running the daycare, meet some of the teachers, and visit classrooms during various activities. This is when you can learn a lot about the programs offered, see what activities they have, and pay attention to how the teachers or daycare providers interact with the kids. Look for signs that the teachers are involved with the children, participating in games, keeping a close eye on them, and really engaging with them. This is a really good sign.

They Provide Healthy Food Options

While most daycares will allow you to bring food in for your child if they have a special diet or a lot of restrictions, the daycare should also provide meals and snacks for the children. The thing to look for isn't necessarily that they feed the children, as most do, but that they offer healthy options for meals and snacks. You don't want a daycare that only serves chocolate milk and sugary cereal for breakfast, but yogurt, fresh fruit, milk, and juice in addition to some cereals. Ask to see their monthly menu, which is usually available.

The Daycare Has a Variety of Activities

Another good sign is a daycare that offers a curriculum and schedule of activities that goes beyond just sitting indoors playing with toys or watching cartoons all day. You want a variety of physical and mental activities that keep your child occupied and entertained, but also works on their physical activity and brain function. This might include daily story time, recess outside with a playground or little jungle gym, learning about other types of people and animals, and having quiet time.

There Are an Adequate Number of Teachers

Many states will have a requirement that daycares have a certain number of teachers compared to how many students they have. Learn what this requirement is and ensure the daycare is following the rules with the proper ratio. If you walk into a toddler class and there are 12 students but only 1 teacher, the ratio is likely off and should be looked into.

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