Signs You've Found A Great Daycare

As a parent, there are few things as frightening as choosing a daycare for your child. After all, a daycare is a place where your child will be without you, perhaps for the first time ever. It is a place where you will have to entrust the care of your child to someone else, which can be scary and stressful. Fortunately, though, there are a lot of truly great daycares out there, and if you know the indicators of an awesome daycare and ensure that the center you choose has these indicators, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your child is in good hands.

Glowing Reviews

Good daycares don't stay a secret for long! No, the very best child care centers out there are quickly learned about through "word of mouth" and via other means.

Thus, if your prospective daycare has been recommended to you by several satisfied clients or past clients, that's definitely a good sign. It's also good news if the daycare has many positive reviews online. And, it's even better yet if the daycare willingly provides you with references of current clients that you can contact for more information.

The bottom line is those good daycares aren't afraid of what other people are saying about them because it's all positive!


Kids are messy. Everyone knows that. However, good daycare centers are on top of the messes that children make, meaning that good facilities should always be clean and decently organized.

A daycare center that is regularly messy may not have enough staff members to handle all of the kids that are present. One that is almost always neat and clean, however, is likely adequately staffed and pays attention to detail, which is definitely a quality you want in a place that is watching over your most precious "possession" of all.

Clear Emergency Procedures

No one likes to think about their child being involved in an accident or emergency, but the best daycare centers not only think about this possibility; they prepare for it wholeheartedly.

Good daycare centers will have a plan in place for just about any situation that could crop up, from a natural disaster to a fire that breaks out near the daycare center. They will let you know about these plans if you ask, and they will always put your child's safety first.

There are so many wonderful daycares out there, but if you can find one that matches these criteria, then you have definitely found the best of the best!

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