Where Will Your Child Go While You Go To Work?

Have you decided to go back to work? Maybe you had a baby a few years ago, and you knew that you'd be a stay-at-home mom for awhile. Now your career beckons you to return to the work you truly enjoy. Or, it might be that you simply need to add a second income to your family salary.

No matter the scenario, do you already have plans for where your child will be while you're away from him or her? If you don't have a plan in place yet, here are some ideas that might help you.

Hire Somebody To Watch Your Child At Home

Have you thought about the fact that your child might be happiest right in their own home? After all, they will have their favorite toys, and at nap time, they will be able to crawl into their very own bed.

Maybe a friend or a family member would love to make some extra money by watching your child. Or, think about hiring a professional nanny to do it. Consider going through an agency that has professionals who have the training and the experience to make your child feel safe and happy. 

Whether it's a professional nanny or a friend or a family member who will be watching your little son or daughter, consider asking the candidate to come to your house a few days before you return to work. That way they can learn your child's daily routine. Also, think of leaving for about an hour and then returning home. That way your child will catch on to the fact that you will always return to them.

Enroll Your Child In Day Care

If you're not comfortable with somebody being in your home while you're not present, one great option is to enroll your child in a day care facility such as Lighthouse  Academy. Your child will be cared for by individuals who love children. Also, your child will have the experience of being with other children. The day care facility will more than likely have wonderful educational toys, too.

Don't be surprised if your child learns a lot more than you thought was possible. For example, through songs they might learn all of the days of the week and the months of the year. Story time might teach your child their numbers, too. Your child might even start reading early, just from learning the sounds that the letters of the alphabet make.

Don't be too worried if your child is shy at first, or if they don't want you to leave the day care facility. Soon they will probably get excited when it's time to leave to play with their new friends.

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